ThingSet Zephyr SDK

The ThingSet software development (SDK) for Zephyr leverages the Zephyr RTOS APIs to provide ready-to-use implementations for the following interfaces:

  • Serial (UART or USB CDC-ACM)
  • CAN
  • Bluetooth
  • LoRaWAN
  • Flash or EEPROM (for non-volatile data storage)

Further interfaces like MQTT and WebSocket over WiFi are currently under development.

The ThingSet device library is used internally for data processing.

Source repository: ThingSet/thingset-zephyr-sdkopen in new window


First of all, the ThingSet library and an interface provided by the ThingSet SDK have to be enabled via Kconfig in the prj.conf. This example uses the serial interface:



Afterwards, exposing data via ThingSet just needs very few lines of code:

#include <thingset.h>
#include <thingset/sdk.h>
#include <zephyr/kernel.h>

/* local variables/functions to be exposed via ThingSet */
float room_temp = 18.3;
float target_temp = 21.0;
bool heater_on = true;
void reset(void);

/* ThingSet object definitions */
THINGSET_ADD_ITEM_FLOAT(ID_ROOT, 0x61, "rRoomTemp_degC", &room_temp, 1, TS_ANY_R, 0);
THINGSET_ADD_ITEM_FLOAT(ID_ROOT, 0x62, "wTargetTemp_degC", &target_temp, 1, TS_ANY_RW, 0);
THINGSET_ADD_ITEM_BOOL(ID_ROOT, 0x71, "rHeaterOn", &heater_on, TS_ANY_R, 0);
THINGSET_ADD_FN_VOID(ID_ROOT, 0xE1, "xReset", &reset, TS_ANY_RW);

void reset(void)
    printf("Reset function called!\n");

int main(void)
     * Implement your application code here (e.g. controlling of the heater).
     * ThingSet requests are automatically handled by the SDK in the background.

    return 0;

The THINGSET_ADD_* macros use Zephyr's Iterable Sectionsopen in new window internally. They can be used anywhere in the code to add data items to the global ThingSet database.

The actual processing of the data through the serial interface happens in a dedicated thread in the background. You can fully focus on your application development.

If the used board supports Bluetooth, a simple CONFIG_THINGSET_BLE=y would also make the data available via Bluetooth (in addition to the serial interface).